Adobe Stock Images: Features and Licensing Options

With high quality photos that make a singular impression, Adobe Stock is arguably one of the successful stock media agencies in the market. It has over 40 million content in its library hand-picked from the site’s most inspiring artists and from Fotolia. AS acquired Fotolia in 2014 and integrated it with their existing software offer. You can now access premium content and edit them right from your favorite Creative Cloud software application.


One of the mind-blowing features of Adobe Stock is the ability to work with comp images in the design stages. Many creative professionals find it time-consuming and costly to purchase images ahead of their client’s approval. What happens if the clients do not like your design? You cannot get those image downloads back for refund. So, you have another image download put to waste. Luckily, that is not the case with Adobe Stock images (read review here).

Unique Feature

With Adobe Stock images, you can work with watermarked images for free. You can then show them to your clients for approval. If they like it, you can proceed to licensing the photo and replacing the watermark with the full resolution. It’s pretty neat, actually. You don’t have to spend another set of hours for redesign work. You get to save more time and money. This is a unique feature that you will not find in other stock photo agencies.

Licensing Options


Adobe stock offers simple licensing. You can purchase a single photo for only $9.99 each. This includes a Standard license that allows you to use the image multiple times in any project for as long as wish. The annual subscriptions start with $29.99 per month for 10 images. Currently, the stock site offers a free month to new customers. You can take this opportunity to check out if Adobe Stock suits your creative needs and budget. Don’t worry if you won’t like it. You can cancel anytime risk-free.

Do you need larger volumes of Adobe Stock images? No problem. The stock site also offers subscriptions with 350 and 750 images per month. Both also come with a Standard license. If you ever need more, you can purchase additional images for as low as $0.99 each. Currently, AS does not offer an Extended License. If you need multi-seats, unlimited products for resale and larger print runs, you can purchase them via Fotolia website or other stock media agencies.

The above prices are available for Creative Cloud users. If you are not a member of the CC community, expect a higher price range. Nevertheless, Adobe Stock images are still the perfect solution to enhance your next creative projects. You can browse through thematic galleries, portfolio of Premium artists and highlighted selections from contributors – which means you are getting what you paid for.

Purchase from Over 60 Million Images with a Shutterstock Coupon Code

Shutterstock offers you a very broad range of collection that contains over 60 million royalty-free stock images. That number is increasing with up to 500,000 images added every week. If you are looking for an image or images that will suit your creative needs, what stock photo agency is more fitting? The website also gives the chance to enjoy more savings through Shutterstock coupons recommended by Stock Photo Secrets, which are offered by affiliated websites.

About the Website

shutterstock-logoShutterstock is a global technology company that has created the largest and most exciting marketplace for creative professionals. It provides licenses to various creative contents, such as images, videos, and most recently music. The website also features innovative tools that help power the creative process. It categorizes its images to help you find what you are looking for more easily and quickly.

4 Main Reasons to Purchase Images from Shutterstock

There are many stock image websites in the market, but why should you choose Shutterstock as your image source? Let us count the reasons:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee. With Shutterstock, your satisfaction is guaranteed. The website’s goal is to deliver a great product and fantastic customer service. It promises to work things right if you ever feel dissatisfies with your purchasing experience.
  • Freebies. The things humans enjoy the most are those available for free. Once again, Shutterstock lets you have an enjoyable experience with freebies. The website offers one free photo and one free vector every week to its members. When you sign up to the stock image site, you are automatically entitled to enjoy these freebies.
  • Vast Collection. With over 60 million images, illustrations, vectors, videos and music clips, what more are you looking for in a stock photo agency? Shutterstock have it all. Whatever your needs are, you can surely find it in this massive library of high quality images.
  • Shutterstock Coupon Code. Shutterstock offers you further discounts from its already affordable pricing plans with a Shutterstock coupon. You can get the discount from the website itself or from affiliated websites such as Although these discounts do not seem much, it will give you hundreds to thousands of dollars of savings in the long run.

over_60_million_images_in_shutterstockAs one of the leading stock photo agencies in the market, Shutterstock raises the bar for high quality products and customer service. Its objectives are clearly realized with the products and services that they offer their clients. But, the website’s greatness does not end there. It even provides its members with the chance to get more savings through Shutterstock coupons. Aside from giving the coupons itself, it even affiliated with other websites just to help their clients complete their creative projects.

3 Stock Photo Agencies to Consider when Looking for Stock Images

Are you looking for stock images for your creative projects? Have you found the right website to get these amazing photos? Stock photos are important if you want to convey your message effectively to you readers. It is also essential in making sure that your customers will visit your website and make a purchase. If you have not found it yet, here are some stock photo agencies that you should consider.

1) iStock


A haven for royalty-free stock images, iStock has millions of images, illustrations and graphics you can use to your heart’s content. The agency offers incredible images at ridiculously low prices. The website can be browsed through any device. You can look through it in your laptop, your tablet and even your phone. If you are a registered member, you can enjoy free stock files every week.

2) Shutterstock


With over 50 million images, illustrations, vectors and videos, Shutterstock gives you a wide range of options when it comes to stock images. In fact, over 400,000 images are added everyday by contributors around the world. The website also offers free stock files every week. No wonder, it is one of the best stock photo websites in the market. You do not only get high quality stock files, you also get them for great prices.

3) Pond 5


Considered as the world’s stock media marketplace, Pond 5 is the best place to find social media savvy images. The stock photo agency has a remarkable search option that allows you to narrow down your searches into the nature of your niche. The price of the image depends on its resolution. Whatever you need to fill your creative projects, you can find it in Pond 5.

When looking for a stock photo agency, there are certain things you need to consider. These include usability, compatibility, aesthetics, image resolution and cost. A thrifty customer will carefully select a website that will not only fit his budget but also his creative needs. Furthermore, a well-informed customer will find a reputable website that does not entail any legal implications.

Whether you need one single photo or loads of stock images, you will never go wrong with a stock photo agency. Stock photo sites do not just provide you with amazing, affordable, high quality images but also protect you from legal issues. Of course, there are websites that will charge with an armful, but the above options have flexible rates and prices that will definitely match your budget.

What are you waiting for? Fill your posts with amazing stock images from the above photo sites. You will surely make your readers and customers happy with vibrant, high quality visuals.


Cheap Stock Photos for Websites

cheap stock photosPhotos and illustrations are as vital as the texts in blog posts. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, you will need an appropriate, high-quality, and exclusive image for your personal use to spruce up that blog site. However, if you plan to use photos and illustrations for your blog, they must either be yours, or purchased from other stock photo sites. If you cannot afford expensive images, you can always buy cheap stock photos from other stock photo agencies.

The internet is like a vast endless ocean full of images that keeps on pouring in daily from contributors all around the world. But you cannot simply just grab them and use them for your personal agendas. Just like real world items, digital stock images are considered an important commodity. Contributors could either sell them or give consent for their use provided they will be given due credit.

The market for stock photos is huge with thousands and thousands of contributors providing fresh content every day. Image quality and artistic appeal are just two of the many major factors that influence the price of a quality stock photo. Most impressive images can be expensive but there are those who can afford and invest in them. Fortunately, there are also impressive images found in other stock photo companies that offer them in affordable or cheap prices.

The following is a list of reliable websites that offer cheap stock photos you will want for your web page aesthetics:

  • iStockPhoto – has a huge library of high-quality photos and illustrations as well as videos and other media. The site has an impressive search tool and filtering. They use credit as currency (which can be bought via credit card) so as to allow customers to “pay as they go”. And like most stock photo companies, they also offer subscriptions.
  • Dreamstime – offers time-based subscriptions. With this, they can advertise images for as low as $0.20 per image. They have a collection of over 29 million images and even offer selected free images in their free images section.
  • Bigstock – offers larger image resolutions than most other sites and sells them at affordable prices. The images offered here sport a professional look that would cater to those who want a formal-looking appeal for their blog. Their least expensive offer is a month’s worth of 5 downloads per day at a price of $69, or $0.46 per image.
  • Fotolia – offers one of the nicest deals around. For starters, the site offers Pay-As-You-Go Plans for as low as $0.74. For those who need a lot of images their subscription plan could go as low as $0.19 per image. Fotolia has over 34 million images and operates in 23 countries worldwide. Fotolia will soon be integrated by the Adobe Creative Cloud but will continue to operate as a standalone service, able to cater to anyone.

Choosing a website with cheap stock photos perfect for your blogging resources can be difficult, most especially when money is concerned – and you don’t plan on regretting investing. It’s important to personally check the websites first and test out image searches. If you see a lot of images you like after several keyword searches then that site might be the one you’ll want to invest a subscription.